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About Progressive Era PAC


Opened in 2022, Progressive Era PAC exists to elect governing majorities of leaders in California committed to building a progressive era for people of color.
Progressive Era PAC is a part of the California Donor Table family of entities. Learn more about the California Donor Table.


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Donations are not anonymous and will be reported to the FEC and state campaign regulators. Donations are not tax deductible.

FPPC ID # 1449477; FEC Committee # C00822932.


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Priorities for


Electing a progressive to the US Senate in 2024

Winning above 4 out of 7 of contested CA congressional seats, in support of a Democratic House majority in 2024

Build Progressive Power in Sacramento by assisting in the expansion of Progressive Caucus members

Build Progressive Power at the local level in Coastal and Inland California

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Upcoming Events

Progressive Era PAC

Advisory Committee

Progressive Era PAC launched an advisory committee to provide advice and recommendations related to programs, expenditures, and fundraising efforts. The Committee will support efforts to continuously improve the PAC.

We are excited to have the support of the following Advisory Committee members, which include both donors and practitioners: Sky Allen, Quinn Delaney, James Herard, Irene Kao, Michael J. Stubbs, and Allison Thomas.

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